About The Findley Foundation

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About The Findley Foundation

The Findley Foundation was founded by concerned individuals who work in the Construction, Finance, and Non-Profit; Political and Public Service Sectors. It was through the groups shared passion for economic development, education and assisting the community that they formed the Findley Foundation. In their discussions, they discovered that a key component of improving the economic quality of life for many— lies in the development of quality workforce solutions that provide a combination of work readiness training, soft skills, and financial literacy education. However, as the foundation members began to craft their mission and assess the needs of the community they realized that many people were disadvantaged, unemployed or underemployed because they didn’t have access to the supportive services they needed to acquire to sustain gainful employment.

The community and stakeholders

queried stated that individuals lacked affordable transportation and childcare. Many of the individuals confessed they had trouble with math or difficulty writing (filling out applications). In the end, the Findley Foundation Board members found that almost all of the individuals had some untreated/unresolved traumatic or violent history that was a serious barrier to them being able to seek out the help they needed to address their barriers to employment and/or retain employment.

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 We assist individuals in becoming healthy, healed, and whole by providing vocational training & education, case management, health and behavioral health services.


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